Posters to make learning piano & composing music, easy!

  • Major & Minor Scales
  • Common Chords
  • Music Theory

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Piano scales

Never forget your scales again...or learn them if you never knew them! 4 of the most common scales (major, natural minor, melodic minor & harmonic minor) in all key signatures, including the left and right-hand fingerings. Clearly illustrated for ease of reading and memorisation.

Piano chords

Play me an F# augmented chord. No? Me neither. 5 of the most common chords (major, minor, augmented, diminished & dominant seventh) in all key signatures, including all inversions of the chord. Clearly highlighted so you’ll never be stumped again.

Music theory

Diagrams and charts that help you read sheet music, write chords to a song, learn common musical notations and tempo ranges, identify relative keys, and learn the relationship between different key signatures. All handy references to help you create music.

Aspiring Pianists

Learning and practicing your scales is an important (if sometimes tedious) part of learning the piano. Having all Major and Minor scales in front of you in a graphical format, including all the left and right hand fingerings, makes it that much easier and more convenient to learn and practice them. Whilst being able to recognise basic chords and their inversions, and having essential music notation and theory to reference, helps you read and play sheet music more effectively.

Music Producers

Whilst a knowledge of music theory is not essential for producing music, the more you learn about the underlying fundamentals, the more you realise just how useful it is to know and how helpful it can be. Having quick access to Scales and Chords, in an easy-to-read graphical format, gives you the fundamentals you need to start composing your music in a more structured way that will save you time and hopefully improve your tracks.