The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster

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The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster makes playing chord progressions and composing music easier and more fun!

So you’ve thought of a nice melody for your new song...but how do you write a great chord progression to back it up?

Well, every Major and Minor scale has its own unique ‘set’ of 7 basic chords - chords that sound good together because they’re all made up of notes from the same scale. If you know the scale of your melody, these 7 chords in the corresponding set give you an instant starting point. Move between chords in a set, and move between sets themselves, to create unique chord progressions for your music simply and effectively.

Now this process is even easier with The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster!

The poster displays all 24 Major and Minor chord sets on one easy-to-read poster, giving you everything you need to create interesting chord progressions and jam away to your heart's content. It’s fully illustrated, so you don’t have to be able to read traditional musical notation to use it. But even if you can, it’s a lot more immediate and easy to use. It’s just the right size to fit on your wall in front of your piano or keyboard. And they ship anywhere in the world, making it the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

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