The Really Useful Piano & Chord Bundle

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The 2 original Really Useful Posters for 1 great price!

The Really Useful Piano Poster makes learning the piano and essential music theory easy!

Developed by a piano novice/aspiring musician as a quick reference tool, the poster brings together numerous resources and teaching materials that they’d found useful, onto one well-designed sheet of paper. It displays 48 separate scales, 60 individual chords and a wealth of musical theory, all in one easy-to-read poster.

The Really Useful Chord Progression Poster makes playing chord progressions and composing music more fun!

Every Major and Minor scale has its own unique ‘set’ of 7 basic chords - chords that sound good together because they’re all made up of notes from the same scale. The poster displays all 24 Major and Minor chord sets on one easy-to-read poster, giving you everything you need to create interesting chord progressions and jam away to your heart's content.

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